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Lisa’s Family

Lisa’s Family Portrait at Sanur


Gorgeous and memorable album for a cute family

Recently the Lisa Family visited Sanur Beach and took the most gorgeous family pictures. The photos were taken in the natural light. They went to different places and took the photos with their loveable kids.

Their happiness was clearly captured in the family album and it will be a gift for them to remember their happy days forever. The stood in various place for taking the snaps and each one has unique style. The weather also very adorable on that day that helped them to have the best photos they ever taken in their life. The camera men took a huge effort to capture the casual poses so the result was ultimate.

The first photo was captured near the sea shore and the family sat together for giving a cute pose. Both kids were sitting on their parents lap and the picture was taken on the right moment. The next one was taken under the shadow of a big tree, which gave a natural lighting to click the snap. A side angle photo was taken only for the Lisa couple to give them as a present and the sun light straight above their head really enriched the brightness of image.

The kids took a special photo by sitting on branch of a tree and the click was too awesome. A long shot for the entire family was the final click of the trip. The Lisa family really enjoyed the trip and got a chance to create their best family album in the Bali.