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Dima – Olena

Dima – Olena’s Pre Wedding at Nusa Dua – Balangan Beach

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Beautiful album of a pre wedding

The couple Dima and olena have done a photo shoot in their pre wedding occasion which is happened in Nusa Dua beach, Water Blow as well as Balangan Beach.

Since the location is very beautiful, the couple chose that place for the pre wedding events. The photographers who were in the Dima and Olena pre wedding at Bali have captured many excellent photos by using different cameras. The photos which have taken are captured in different places and each of the photos has a unique look in it. The emotions of Olena have been captured beautifully.

In one of the photos, Olena and Dima was sitting on a branch of a tree. He has also captured very minute things like shadows of the tree and other things very brilliantly. In the other photo, they are in the sea shore and sitting together. It is taken as a wide shot and it includes the beautiful location. Similarly, they are standing in way near to the beach and the photographer has perfectly taken the shot when the waves strike the rock.